Hi, my name is Richard.








I've been cycling and repairing bicycles for the past 20+ years and have a passion for anything related to them. I have a few Cytech qualifications with more planned in the future.

My professional background was originally as an engineer but for the past 10+ years I have been working as a commercial pilot, hence the name Aero Bicycle Repair! It's always been a passion of mine to open my own bicycle repair service. 


Hi, my name is Jon.


Having been in the British Army for over 20 years, fitness has always been an integral part of my job. It wasn't until I found cycling 10 years ago that I can honestly say that I have enjoyed exercise. Since then, cycling has become much more than just 'keeping fit'. 


I love the freedom of taking a different route, whatever the weather, and exploring the local area. Over the years I've met so many great people through cycling ... most of which also enjoy a coffee and cake stop on a long ride!


From the moment I started riding, I became interested in the mechanics of the bike and learnt early on how to repair and build bikes from scratch. I get great satisfaction in stripping a bike down and building it back up again. Seeing a bike in the best possible condition and knowing it is safe to ride has to be the highlight of the job.


I'm excited about being part of the Aero bicycle Repair team, where my passion for bikes has now led to being a qualified bike technician.